Pre-Employment Background Check

Pre-employment background checks are something most employers don’t even consider before they hire a new employee.  More often than not a new employee is as trustworthy as anyone else.  It’s that one in one hundred that you can;t turn your back on without something coming up missing from the tool shed.crime

Certain industries are more likely to hire a criminal.  The construction industry seems to be riddled with this type of problem and there’s good reason for it.  Construction jobs require little to no education.  They are mainly a manual labor type of job that tend to be very taxing on the body.  Many of these types of jobs are seasonal so the people working in this industry tend to be laid off when the season ends.

Some of them are able to draw unemployment during these times but even then, making ends meet can become difficult.  Often times these people turn to crime to help pay the bills.  Stealing an expensive drill and then selling or trading it on the black market can be an easy way to earn a little extra cash.

Drug use and drug addiction are also rampant in the construction industry.  For whatever reason this type of worker is more apt to use illegal drugs and alcohol.  This can lead to addictions that aren’t easily supported on seasonal salary.  Thus, turnover in this industry is also very high which means the employer is stuck with the content carousel of hiring new employees.  This process makes the likelihood of getting a sorry em,pleoyee even more prominent than in other industries.

Other industries aren’t immune to the occasional bad employee with a criminal past.  Banks have seen their fair share of money embezzling and other so called blue collar crimes.  Just because these types of crimes are considered blue collar doesn’t make them any less serious or damaging to the business. In fact, when an employee has access to financials and monies, their wrongdoings can be far more devastating than a simple drill or toll being stolen from the job site.

The term blue collar crime tends to make the crime seem less harmful when in fact it can be quite the opposite.  That’s why it’s important to get a good background check and scan of all employees from all walks of life.

If you’re an employer, it’s probably in your best interest to scan all of your future employees before you spend the resources on hiring and training them.  The small cost it takes to implement a solid background check can save you hundred and possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Employee background checks can be beneficial for far more than just preventing the next onsite crime case.  Some employees may have backgrounds that span far beyond the issue of sticky fingers.  Some of these people that you may hire may have a past incarceration that was related to abuse of a spouse or lover.

Even worse, they could have a history of child abuse or even pedophilia.  That’s the very last kind of person you’d want running your day care clinic.  If by chance you did hire someone with such a background and others found out, you could lose business.  I know i for one wouldn’t want my child cared for in a climate where one of the employees had been arrested on suspected charges or abuse.  Other parents would also catch wind of the issue and your successful day care clinic could become the talk of the town in the worse way possible.


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