What Does a a Good Background Report Include?

Backgorund CheckFirst and foremost if you’re going to be running a background check on someone you want to be certain that the information acquired is accurate and up to date.  Obviously you want to know as many details about the person you are checking in on.  There are several types of people or reasons you may want to run a background scan on a person of interest.  It doesn’t always have to be someone you are dating or are planning on marrying.

You may want to search out and see if there are any nearby sex offenders.  If you have children then this is really important and relevant information.  No one wants their child roaming around in a neighborhood where sex offenders are known and present. Sex offenders are everywhere but if you know that ones lives nearby or next door you can keep an extra eye out and protect your children.  These people may pretend to be walking down the street or be overly friendly to children.  If you didn’t know they were are registered sex offender then you may not be aware of what their anterior motifs may be.

You can also learn more about family members you may be curious about.  Cousin Eddy sure is creepy isn’t he?  Make sure that it’s not just your imagination or your mind playing tricks on you.  Get a background scan and make sure cousin Eddy isn’t as creepy as you thought.  Just to ease your mind.We will discuss more of the types of people you can check out in a future post.  for now let’s focus on what a good background scan should include.

A good report can have many more attributes than the ones I’m about to list.  Some reports may have more and some for obvious reasons may have less.  It is up to you to decide which features are most important and most relevant to your scan or search and then choose a good company from there.


The main thing or probably the most important thing you want to look for is if the person of interest has any civil judgements on them.  This can indicate and uncover and unknown criminal history.  Be sure this is included in your report.

Properties owned is another piece of information that can be obtained from one of these reports.  Did they own a home before?  Were they really the owner of that business and that building they claim to have ownership of?  Did they own type of personal or larger watercraft?  what about that airplane he talks about?  Boy they sure do brag about that yacht in the Caribbean a lot but I never see any pictures of him on it.  You may want to check that out.

Are they affiliated with any corporations?  All the talk about the business and not much to show from it?  They could be pulling your leg at all of the cocktail parties.  Be sure to rm yourself with the truth from a solid background report.

You can also find some bits and pieces of financial information in a good report. If they have any tax liens against them or are they currently in foreclosure? What properties do they really own edna re they telling the truth about that condo down in sunny south Florida?

The bottom line is that you’re doing a background check for a good reason.  You’re spending the time and the money to investigate someone so you’d better make certain that you’re getting the proper prices of information that will help you determine if this persons is the person you suspect them to be.

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