Where is a Good Place to Truly Scan Ur Mate?

MarryI’m getting lots and lots of inquiries in the comments section here requesting a good service for pre matrimonial scanning.  Most of these comments are coming from places like India where many marriages are preset by the family.

Women and men alike really aren’t sure who the person is they are marrying often times because they aren’t the ones who actually get to choose who they mate with for eternity.  Other times the family will narrow it down to two or three lucky candidates.  Even then, knowing who you truly are getting can sometimes be a daunting task.

It looms over the heads of many individuals as to what their mate is going to be like.  Unfortunately we don’t have personality data available unless they have taken one of our personality tests.  These tests are used in matching couples for compatibility.

I’ve had several people over the last few months ask me, “Where can I find good pre-matrimonial scanning in India?”  For now I don’t have an easy answer for you.  What I am working on though is a good company to work with here in the United States that would have adequate data on individuals overseas and in India.

A pre scan of a potential future mate will only yield so much info.  The companies that gather and share this kind of data really can’t be held liable for any oversights.  These are general scans and information on people and their criminal histories.

Take heed that many of these people who have criminal past could have potential committed their crimes under a different name or alias.  Their previous wrongdoings may or may not be detected or found during a scan of their personal history and background.

These types of services are simply out there to provide information if it exists in their systems.  It’s not meant to be the end all be all of a person’s criminal background.  They may not have all of the data on the person you are inquiring about for a number of reasons.  Especially when things go international.

Some law enforcement agencies don’t share their databases and therefore some things may go un detected. It is paramount that you do your due diligence in researching the person you are to marry as much as possible.  Asking friends or family members of the future mate can reveal a lot about the person.

The good news about a scan or personal background check of a potential mate could yield some interesting information and may save you a great amount of unforeseen heartache in the future if the truth is readily revealed.

In the meantime i will be checking with some companies that provide this service and will be adding a post on here in the near future to help those who’ve inquired about the service.

Check back soon!!

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