Verifying for Safety Wasn’t So Easy

Anything & everything needs a verification in today’s world to confirm its authenticity. You can feel the need of verification in both personal and professional field. Right from recruiting someone for employment or considering a marriage proposal to getting a new tenant on board, everyone needs to be verified and get their credentials checked. Thus verification is necessary to stay safe and secured. And if you are not getting enough time for that then you can simply handover that task to us, we will do it for you. Yes our website gives you that opportunity!

Services offered by us:

  • Address verification: To check the authenticity of address provided
  • To verify the ownership: To know about actual period of stay

Negative database check: To check the negative database details from various national & international database

Employment verification:

  • To confirm position and remuneration
  • To know the period of employment

This is done with HR officials of previous organizations. If the HR official is not available due to any reason alternative process can be thought of.

Educational verification:

  • To check the educational and professional qualification.
  • To confirm authenticity of any institution, college or university.

To know the duration and authenticity of any course.

Police verification:

To check criminal past history from the nearest police station physically. We send our representative with the fully filled form & supporting identity proofs.

Reference checks:

  • Any type of reference checking (personal or social) is done:
  • Social conduct
  • Family background
  • Job conduct
  • Job performance

Verification specialist will verify the above details through a questionnaire session.

Photos, ID & documents check:

  • Verify important documents provided:
  • Passport
  • Pan card

Verification specialist will check the authenticity of IDs from the issuing authority.

Medical and drug checks:

  • All individuals undergo a medical & drug test from our reputed panel hospitals across the country.

You can avail our services for any type of verification mentioned above, we are fervid to serve for you. From maid verification to pre-marital verification, tenant verification, self-verification, employee and ex-employee verification.

VerifyCafe is an Indian organization for profile verification. We aim to maintain your right to privacy. All the information provided by the customers are kept confidential, securing them from being misused.

All of our services are needed. Call us and let’s get the process started for you. We are here to answer and all questions you may have concerning our business practices and prices. So, call us today!

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