Just a Few Steps to Get Proper Verification

“Life has it woes so learn to be at your toes”

Blindly trust anyone and you will find your own grave, so verifying the authenticity and after effect of any step should be done before making the final decision. About to get married but can’t trust your partner completely? Or are you being dubious about your tenant? Or your maid seems to be suspicious. Whether or not the above condition arises, you should be wise enough to feel the need for verification for each of the above mentioned cases. But you might not have as much as time or sources to carry out a complete verification. Well, there is an excellent solution for this problem: www.verifycafe.com, hand it over to us, we will do it for you.

Why to choose us?

We will provide you the complete details of verification including address verification, negative database checking, employment details, educational qualification verification, and Police verification, reference checking along with photos, IDs and documents checking. You can get your required information by just visiting our website and filling up some details. Our propensity is to keep the information provided by the customer private.

Here are some common verification services provided by us:

  • Individual
  • Maid verification: Got a new maid/ servant/ driver in the house? Ignoring proper maid registration and verification can be harmful for you.
  • Self-verification: Verify the details of any individual by providing some basic information.
  • Title searches: This is the most recent addition to our bandwidth of services. Yes, we will help you buying your dream property.
  • Business
  • Due Diligence: This service is exclusively for corporate sectors. It is more than a background check, its helps you taking a call about the new association taking place. Below are taken under this head:
  • Goodwill of the partner
  • Board of directors
  • Strength of the firm
  • Financial status
  • Current & previous client
  • Assets own
  • Previous track records
  • Future growth strategies
  • Employees
  • Employee verification: Helps you to get the details of any employee before recruitment.
  • Ex-employee verification: Provides you the details of any ex-employee of the respective organization.
  • Tenant verification: Got a new paying guest/ tenant in the house or you are planning to lease/rent your property. Be aware of proper tenant registration and verification.
  • Matrimonial verification: Verifycafe lets you do the verification upon Family history and background, residence status, subject’s status, background & profession; financial strength, criminal status check etc.

There you have it, everything you need for verification. All you need to do is call us and let us do all the verifying for you as soon as you need it completed.