Personal History Background Checking when Developing A Relationship

You should conduct a background check on any person that you plan on dating more than a few times, and this background check should be made long before you plan on marrying the individual. Why get that far before you know exactly what kind of person you are intending to marry. However, if the thought of this investigation has not occurred to you until you set a wedding data, then by all means do it before the wedding. In fact, many experts in the field of investigations suggest that a background check be made before the first date. The timing of this check will be discussed further in this article.



The world is changing and America is changing. Perhaps in different ways, but more foreign nationals are in America now than ever before. While this creates a wonderful cultural diversity that enriches our lives, this also brings the challenge of understanding other cultures which may not have the same attitude toward dating and relationships.

Many people in the dating world are older, and they have been through more than one relationship or marriage. Some people have been through many relationships and more than one marriage. Many of these people have a lot of unsavory baggage that they carry into a new relationship. Of course, some of these people will argue that they are not at fault and some may be right. However, too many failed relationships and broken marriages says something about a person.

The logical question is what other concerns may be in someone’s life? Are there deep and dark secrets that a person wants to keep hidden. Problems such as child sexual abuse, child pornography charges, spousal abuse allegations, DWI charges, felony convictions, and arrests for crimes which never resulted in a trial because a lawyer was able to get the person off on a technicality.

Divorces can be ugly, but they can also surface serious problems with a spouse’s conduct. Divorce filings are part of a good background check. Court records may also reveal that lawsuits were filed against a person for collection of debts or for assault, or that Orders of Protection have been issued against a person.

These are all problems that no one wants to deal with in a relationship, but an effort must be made to learn about the existence of any of these problems before the relationship progresses too far.


The thoroughness of a background check will depend on what investigating agency you hire to conduct it. There are so many very good resources available for private investigators to use with a laptop computer. A multitude of computer programs exist for the investigators to use. Using these resources, a thorough background check can be made on almost anyone. You should select an experienced private investigation firm that can tell you exactly what they can provide. What you want provided is every detail about the person’s life.

Criminal records, driving records, lawsuits filed, records on sexual predators, sex offender registrations, bad check writers, and a multitude of other offenses can be found during an investigator’s research of someone’s personal history.

Previous marriages which are still valid can be found, and this would be very important information to have. Often, people will say that they are divorced or separated and a divorce has been initiated, but no such action has commenced. This is not the person you want to be involved with.

Private investigators have the acquired skills and experience to sort through many records both public and private to get the information to compile a good background check.


Obviously, the more information you have the easier the investigation will be. However, a complete name is a start. A phone number and an address will be helpful as would be the place of employment. You may be able to get the person’s social security number and their driver’s license number, and this would be extremely helpful. The car license tab number is also useful.

It may be appropriate to tell a potential significant other that you will want to do a background check before you get too involved. While this approach may put some people off, it should not offend a person who has nothing to hide.

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